IT BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LTD (ITBC) is your IT consultant and partner focused on identifying business requirements and help you achieve business growth by maximizing benefits from IT world.   ITBC is founded by Mahir Ozic who has extensive experience in multi aspects of IT and have worked for various IT functions of global organizations since 2000. During his career, he added values into business through infrastructure management, delivery of IT services and IT projects as well as streamlining IT operations. While he was working, he had witnessed IT might be making the enterprises famous or infamous. IT might be a magic stick to boost your business and also an obstruction in front of the business. Therefore, he decided to help more business to help them achieve their goals  by providing bespoke SMART (Simple, Mobile, Affordable, Recognized and Trans-formative mindset)  information technologies and IT projects regardless of their size and sectors.   



ITBC understands every business is different with its own unique set of technology requirements and offers bespoke solutions to fit your requirements. From interim and part-time IT management to a fully turnkey implementation of a new systems or system migration projects ITBC provides support to your business every step of the way, working with business owners and leaders.



It is absolutely challenging to keep ahead of the rapidly changing technology, which is why ITBC offers up-to-date IT and project management services while you are focusing on your business.  



It will be very expensive to have full IT team and systems for small and medium businesses to deliver business applications, cloud infrastructure, software development , IT operations and projects etc.  ITBC offers to provide these services in "pay as you go" model. For example, you can hire part-time or interim IT manager and Project manager as per your requirements.  ITBC recommends the right solutions for your business. For example, if you need a mobile application ITBC might minimize your application development costs by its innovative partnerships.  



BUSINESS ALIGNED : You may have an IT strategy in place, but need some assistance implementing this, or have an IT project to boost your business, but don’t have the skills in-house to deliver this.

​CUSTOMER SATISFIED : At the core of everything we do is to make our customers satisfied through service excellence with SMART Solutions. We will be your long-term IT partner even if commitments have been fully done for IT support as well as future journeys.

VALUE BASED : There are countless of IT providers and solutions for business owners who would like to focus on their business while they need efficient IT solutions. In this case we research best options, gathers proposals from IT markets and vendors, classifies and presents refined offers so that business owners can make a best decision smoothly in earliest time, within scope and budget.

DIGITIZED : IT transformation is another challenging topic, but with the right advice, guidance and industry best practice approach, we can easily meet your technology needs in compliance with IT security and business governance.


ADAPTIVE : We quickly adapted ourselves to challenging environments to learn business needs.

EFFECTIVE BUSINESS RELATIONS AND STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT : We have well experienced in stakeholder facing roles, business relations with all level of delivery teams, virtual groups, hands-on experience as well as remote support. 

ANALYTICAL THINKING : We are able to see big picture within organizations to achieve business goals. 

IT SYSTEM INTEGRATIONS : We worked with under pressure in many company acquisitions and separations.

COMPLEX IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT : We succeeded many integrations as a result of successful collaborative project team work.



- People

- Positive

- Respectful,

- Passionate about helping people

- Transparent 

- Business-Oriented




- Business Acumen Project Management


- Agile



"To become recognized, trustworthy  and long-term IT Business Partner"

Mahir Ozic
Founder and IT Partner


I am very happy to help business achieve goals and add values.

I am always available for a discussion of your specific needs and can give you a clear idea of what we can deliver.

Furthermore, I offer essential intangibles such as an engaging and collaborative management style, persuasive negotiating talents, and clear foresight to navigate around potential operational risks. I look forward to expanding on my career history and personal character so we can pursue this partnership in greater depth.


Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.